Should I make a podcast?

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For the first time, I recorded something to the effect of a “podcast.” Most of you already know this by now, but my dad has been missing for 11 years. He went on a hunting trip in September of 2009 and was never seen again.

I recorded this audio clip for the public on my Patreon. Anyone can give it a listen, but I would like some input. Do you have any questions that you’d like to ask me? …

On my writing

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Hello, my readers! I am back. I never actually ever had a plan to “leave” Medium, but life happens. There was no particular event that beckoned for me to leave, no Earth-shattering revelation that led me to cease writing on this platform. I loved it here, still do. I just…Dropped the metaphorical ball.

So, what’s new?

I know that I haven’t been writing on here, but I want you to know that I have still been writing every single day. Writing is my job, my livelihood. Even on the days when I just did not feel like I could type out a coherent sentence, I had to keep pushing forward. …

I’ve been manifesting

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve written here. It’s been a while since I’ve written anywhere, admittedly. I’ve hardly been able to finish my work because I’ve had this mental blockage, and I’m not talking about writer's block.

I felt this block for a few months now, and I thought ignoring it would help. I simply ignored it, a bad mood, and continued with my day. It was only about a month ago that I realized it was something I needed to address.

For the first time in over a decade, I am back in therapy.

This is a great thing, great news coming from me. I have a lot of grief processing that has yet to happen, both from a decade ago and from this year. Because of all that has happened to me, I know that this help is going to be very beneficial. …

I also learned about being trans, non-binary, asexual, and other identities

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There was one time that I was speaking with one of my Tumblr friends, a young woman that we will call A. She was kicked out of her then-living situation because of her sexual orientation, and she didn’t know what to do. I knew that we weren’t that far apart from each other, and I ended up extending the offer for her to move in with me.

The kicker was that I hadn’t even quite settled in yet. I had just moved from New Mexico to California and was residing in a 900 sq ft studio apartment. …

Something I’ve learned recently

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I grew up going to Catholic church… sometimes. In the church, you pray. Even those who are not Catholic, which I have never considered myself, are familiar with this concept. I mainly went because it was the religion my mother chose to follow, but she never pushed it on me—she wanted me to experience it for myself.

Even my father, a then-non-believer of anything but the universe, would go to church, too. I would watch people pray every Sunday morning, some lowering the padded bar to really get down on their knees to make their prayers heard.

It never occurred to me that prayer can happen at any time, any place.

I have been praying a lot lately. I pray in bed, as I am brushing my teeth, right before I get into my car, after I make a quick run to the grocery store for essentials, and whenever the feeling strikes me. …

Her courage brought me here

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I seldom write about experiences that are not my own, but I feel inspired to do so right now. My mother was born and raised in a village in the Philippines called Batangas. I am very familiar with this story, as I grew up hearing about how she and her five siblings managed to take care of one other in a household that didn’t have running water or electricity.

The second eldest, my mother was responsible for tasks such as washing the laundry in the nearby river and making sure that her younger siblings were taken care of. …

It isn’t great

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“Do you feel like running?”

“Running! Yeah, let’s run!”

Jess and I wanted to do something fun—a typical request from two 16-year-old girls. Just old enough to drive around town on our own, we usually frequented Walgreens for energy drinks. There were times when we would sneak out of my house at 2 AM just to drive to Walgreens for some NOS energy drinks. Do you feel old?

2007 was a fun time. We never went to any parties or met up with other kids, but we did want to do something “crazy.” One particular night, we decided that the energy drinks weren’t enough. …

We are in the second to last month of 2020—wow! I hope you are all staying healthy and productive during this time. It can feel incredibly difficult, but luckily we have wonderful articles and stories to read on Medium. :)

This month is being dedicated to Ellie Rebecca! Congratulations on being November’s pick for the writer of the month! You have a very brave voice in your writing that shines through majestically! I love your ability to tell your story while also encouraging and educating others—well done.

If you’d like to take a look at some of Ellie’s work, check out the links below:

Why I’m Glad I’m a Lesbian

Why LGBTQ+ People Aren’t “Just Like Everyone Else”

Clipped Wings—Available on Amazon!

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I wrote a horror novel! This has taken me quite some time because its original intended release date just so happened to coincide with the global pandemic. 2020, am I right? This is going to serve as a compilation of questions that I’ve gotten regarding the book! If you are interested in purchasing it for yourself, the link will be at the bottom of this article. Thank you!

How Long Did it Take You to Write?

I wrote the bare bones in about three to four months. Then, I didn’t look at it again for a long time. The pandemic quite literally swept me off my feet, as it hit much closer to home than I ever thought it would. I felt like I had no creative energy left inside of me to revise it, let alone work with an editor on it. …

A lesson I have only recently learned

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When I came out as a young teenager, I was lucky because I was met with support and genuine jovial responses. My parents and my friends were happy that I was expressing my true self, my true identity. Through these years of being out and proud, my mind was being shaped, like any other teenager in the 2000s.

To me, being gay meant looking gay. I am so passable for a heterosexual female that it used to bother me to my core when someone would assume that I had a boyfriend or that I was interested in talking to guys romantically. …


Kristen Nadel

Writer and author • Interested in mindfulness and spirituality • Fascinated by interpersonal connections • 🌈LGBTQ+

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