Is This My Midlife Crisis?

Am I only going to live until I’m 60?

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

It has been so hard for me to write lately.

I still do it for a living, but that is all I have been able to muster. When writing for my day job, I do not really get to choose the topic. There is room for me to have some creative freedom, but I still have an outline planned that keeps me on track.

This is not going to be a depressing article.

I want to leave you feeling like you have a purpose because this is what I find myself struggling with lately. Even though I have many different purposes and people who care about me, I know that I need to get my own mind on board. I need to see myself for what I am worth. I hope that you can do the same.

Reverting back to old ways can be eye-opening.

I felt disappointed that I have sort of reverted back to a version of myself that I used to be. This one is not nearly as sure of herself, but I did notice a difference—I’m more resilient than I used to be. What would have absolutely felt life-ending now just feels like a really tough time.

Writer and author • Interested in mindfulness and spirituality • Fascinated by interpersonal connections • 🌈LGBTQ+

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